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Welcome to the powerKNOW web site - Your Knowledge Retention Solution.

Why is Knowledge Retention so important for an organization?

Components of powerKNOW

How can powerKNOW help in managing knowledge with maximum benefits?

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powerKNOW - Your Knowledge Retention Solution

Save and Share Quality Knowledge.
Increase Productivity and Efficiency.
Help in Decision Making Process.
Job satisfaction for employees.
Be better than your competition.
Knowledge Management at a fair price.
Managing Knowledge is a key issue in all organizations

Knowledge Retention with powerKNOW: Managing Knowledge is a key issue in all organizations. Create your Knowledge Base now.powerKNOW is a unique Knowledge Management Solution which allows an individual approach to preserve and retain Knowledge in organizations. Knowledge can be structured and shared in a most effective and efficient manner.

By using powerKNOW, loss of Know How (Knowledge) can be reduced significantly. Search for Information and Knowledge can be optimized. Synergies thus created, result in achieving key objectives and maximum benefits.

powerKNOW offers a standard Knowledge Retention Solution at an affordable price.
powerKNOW gives the ability to save, share and an easy access to Knowledge.
powerKNOW is easy to install and can be integrated in an existing Microsoft environment.
powerKNOW allows an efficient flow and distribution of Knowledge.
powerKNOW is developed as a modular product. Additional features can be added as and when needed.

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