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What does powerKNOW cost and how to order it?

Technical Requirements


Get a free trial version and test powerKNOW in your organization

We offer a free trial copy of powerKNOW for tests in your own IT environment. It is a full version and is supplied without any functional restrictions. There are two types of licenses you can choose from:

  • 14 days (anonymous)

  • 60 days (you provide us with your name and address)

You can always switch from a 14 day trial version to a 60 day trial version by providing us with your name and address.

There are two versions of installation sets. These versions differ in the type of web server used: Cassini web server or Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). For each version we have a simple set and an expert set. (For details see
'Technical Requirements' and 'Download Sets').

  • Option 1: Simple Installation Set
    This set comprises of the application (powerKNOW) itself and all other necessary Microsoft components (Microsoft .NET Framework and the MSDE Database Engine).

  • Option 2: Expert Installation Set
    It comprises of the application (powerKNOW) only. This set is meant to integrate powerKNOW in an already installed IT environment with MSDE Database Engine or Microsoft SQL-Server.

We strongly recommend to use the Simple Installation Set for testing

Knowledge structures and documents created during a trial version can be retained for future use on purchase of a Full License version. So, time and effort invested is NOT lost. Please find more information about how to use powerKNOW in

License Technical Requirements

Download V. 2.21 (12-28-07)

powerKNOW - 14 days 
-trial period 14 days
-full version without any functional restrictions
-transfer of knowledge documents in Full License version possible

For Cassini Web-Server
Get powerKNOW from CNET Download.com!

Simple Installation Set (Size 65 MB)

Expert Installation Set (Size 2.9 MB)

For IIS Web-Server

Simple Installation Set (Size 64 MB)

Expert Installation Set (Size 2.5 MB)

powerKNOW - 60 days
-trial period 60 days
-full version without any functional restrictions
-transfer of knowledge documents in Full License version possible

Request the 60 days license via email

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