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powerKNOW - Your software platform for Knowledge Retention. 

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Functionalities of powerKNOW

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How can powerKNOW help in managing knowledge with maximum benefits?

powerKNOW is a modular software 

powerKNOW is based on a modular software platform. The initial installation is done by an IT-Administrator through simple procedures. A Knowledge Manager, with little IT-Know How, is able to change the required configuration and parameters designed to meet the needs of an individual solution. 

powerKNOW consist of two main components

1. Contents
A collection of
Knowledge Documents with all the text fields, meta information, attachments and other relevant information form the contents of a powerKNOW system.

2. Access methods
powerKNOW has got two powerful access methods to allow fast and reliable search for knowledge:

  • Search Keyword Tree (Taxonomy)
    Search Keywords are user defined and organized in the form of a hierarchical tree structure. It allows the definition of unlimited number of Search Keywords. You can, thus, create a multi dimensional structure. The branches of such a structure can be changed or renamed at any later stage. Change of the tree structure is also possible. 

  • Full text search
    All the contents including attachments in usual office formats or pdf are part of the full text index. Searching can be done by full word match, abbreviated word match, Boolean combinations, proximity search, etc. Furthermore, searched text can be Highlighted in texts and/or attachments.

You can create your own customized Knowledge Retention Solution by defining 

  • the number of text fields of My Structure you require,

  • the names or notations of these fields,

  • the Search Keyword Tree structure,

  • and different parameters of a knowledge process.

Configuration and parameters can be administered simply using a web front end by the user with little IT Know How. All the above settings can be changed by authorized personnel any time during a running system allowing a prototype system to be transformed to a production system with minimum of changes. Result is a quick productive Knowledge Retention Solution. This transformation does NOT result in loss of already created knowledge documents.

Functionalities of powerKNOW as a Knowledge Retention Solution 

  • My Structure (Knowledge Documents)

  • Acquisition, entry and update of Knowledge Documents.

  • Search Keyword Tree (Taxonomy)

  • Embedded links 

  • Imbedded attachments

  • High Quality comfort search (full text search with highlighting in meta information and/or in attachments)

  • Document history

  • User Administration with role models

  • Support of a user defined knowledge process 

  • Workflow for a knowledge document release

  • Web application for intranet or internet (installation required only on server, clients need only a browser and do not need any extra software: Technical Requirements)


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