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powerKNOW - Knowledge Management Solution.

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Knowledge Retention

Optimization of Resources using Knowledge Management Solutions

Optimization of Resources using Knowledge Management Solutions Different studies show that with the implementation of knowledge management solutions, productivity of an organization can be increased by up to 30 percent.

Managers spend a significant amount of their time and energy searching for Knowledge. One of their most valuable resource, Time, is not as productive as it should be. The required Knowledge is often available somewhere in the organization, but is not accessible when needed. This happens because Knowledge in an organization is often not structured and documented properly.

Reducing this wastage of Time, can significantly increase the productivity of an organization, as time saved can be invested gainfully in other areas.

Knowledge loss can result in high costs

Abilities and expertise once acquired, do not necessarily remain at the disposal of organizations for all times to come. Knowledge collected over the years can be lost through a mere reorganization or with merger of different companies. Employee transfers can also lead to inefficiency and knowledge loss. Other circumstances, such as job cuts or attrition, force the organizations to respond to impending reduction in Knowledge. Otherwise it could lead to a collective loss of Knowledge. 

An aging workforce nearing retirement would lead to an enormous loss of Know How in organizations. Regaining this Knowledge can be very costly. Leading experts believe that it costs, on the average, up to two years' salaries of an employee to regain lost Knowledge. This is making top management of many organizations very sensitive to this issue. Knowledge Retention has won in stature and meaning in recent past. It is leading to concrete projects in different organizations.

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