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powerKNOW - Your software platform for Knowledge Retention. 

Components of powerKNOW

How can powerKNOW help in managing knowledge with maximum benefits?
Product Knowledge Document

What is a Knowledge Document?

The contents of a powerKNOW Knowledge Retention Solution are organized in Knowledge Documents. Each Knowledge Document contains:

  • a Title

  • up to 90 user defined text fields
    These fields are called My Structure.
    By defining these fields, you determine and impose an internal structure to all your Knowledge Documents. These fields have notations and contents. Both of them together form the core information of a Knowledge Document. Contents can be either Knowledge itself or meta information.

  • File Attachments (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point or pdf Documents),

  • assignment of Users (Expert, Editors, Approvers involved)

  • Document Status (released, completed, under construction)

  • Date/Time created, Date/Time last released

  • Document History 

  • assignments to Search Keyword Tree
    Each knowledge document can be assigned to an unlimited number of Search Keywords. The keywords assigned may come from more than one branch of a search keyword tree. This allows access to an individual knowledge document from any part of the multi dimensional keyword structure.

A Knowledge Document can be created and filled with the necessary content or meta information, using powerKNOW. Besides entering the text manually it is possible to enter the information using Cut & Paste or Drag & Drop.

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