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powerKNOW - Step 6

Why is Knowledge Retention so important for an organization?

Components of powerKNOW

Step 6: Supervision and Assistance in feedback and transfer of Knowledge back into the Organization.

You should define the specific points where the knowledge, as an added value, should be transferred back into your business processes. This should happen irrespective of what knowledge a user is looking for in the knowledge base using powerKNOW. The users involved should be advised to search the knowledge base for a particular theme and note down whether knowledge was found or not.

Your Knowledge Retention Solution also opens the opportunity to train new employees and participants in a project in specified knowledge areas using the established knowledge base.

After a period of 6-12 months, a survey should be conducted among those employees, who were either knowledge giver (experts) or users in this knowledge retention process. Result of this expertise could then be adapted and fed back for the eventual adjustment of the business processes.

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